JR’s Not-So-Literal Blog


This is my personal blog and I’ll be writing about my hobbies and passions, rather than industry specific posts regarding just my profession(s). I’ll be continuing where I left off at JR’s Not So Literal Logging with a more pliable and visually appealing domain name.

Plus I just couldn’t stay away from the anything-goes blogging style!

A general idea of what you”ll find on here:

  • Sustainable and Innovative Technologies and Developments
  • Social Commentary
  • Economic and Career Related Musings

I look forward to reading comments and if you need to get at me about something I wrote, please send an email to james.r.moreau at gmail.com


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  1. […] recently. She is extremely engaging, funny, witty and from what I have seen a great personality. @JRMoreau James is a great guy indeed. A great writer and thinker…He is genuine, real, down to earth, […]

  2. RowdyKittens said, on December 9, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Sweet blog! I’m adding it to my feed. 🙂

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