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If You Can’t Take The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen, Or Start Enjoying It

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on November 22, 2009

“No sympathy for the devil. Keep that in mind; buy the ticket, take the ride.”~Hunter S. Thompson

This post is a direct response to Carlos Miceli’s post about the Media Attention Whore phenomenon and all of the subsequent comments that I’ve been able to read thus far.

I sympathize with both sides of the argument against and for whoring yourself through new media for whatever end goal you have.

I’ve seen  posts lately about how some folks don’t like the idea of “branding” themselves and ideas like this are the run-off of that concept. Why are we rebelling against personal branding? It’s a NEW opportunity that is revolutionizing the way that individuals can become successful business people without having the credentials of rich parents, an ivy league eduction or a 4.0 GPA.

What are contrarians to the personal branding and Media Attention Whore movement suggesting as an alternative to working your ass off night and day to create good content and promoting it like there is no tomorrow? How do you think you’ll get noticed otherwise? Simply on the merit of your personality and intentions?

I also agree that if your personal brand is shit and you don’t have any real substance or innovative nature behind what you’re pedaling, you’ll likely fail or fade away.

I try to never wish failure upon people. I try very hard not to hold people’s bad decisions against them… there’s usually a reason why people act the way they do and if they’re wrong, the decent ones try to fix their messes and learn from mistakes.

Especially if you’re trying to make a name for yourself through social media I think there’s a unique on/off switch to dealing with folks who you don’t agree with. If you think they’re decent people and producers of good ideas, try reaching out to them. Bring them back into your community and try to understand them. If they’re not receptive to that, don’t waste your time dwelling on how they’re behaving. There’s little chance their actions or ideas will affect you in the long run.

Besides, when the gods of wine and MTV tally up all your karma points, do you really want a bunch of perceived spitefulness to be held against you?

For the persons branding him or herself… do your thing! Take it to the wall! However, if you’re cutting corners and thinking the people who really matter won’t notice, you’re sorely mistaken.

We’re all accountable for our own actions. Might as well have most of those actions me made out of good will and supporting one another rather than undercutting the very medium that is getting so many of us ahead in the first place.



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  1. Elisa said, on November 22, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    I don’t think people have a much of a problem with Personal Branding as the WAY Personal Branding is used recently. PB is not anything new, people just used to call it reputation before. Who you are, what’s your story, what kind of person is behind the name.

    Yet lately PB has seemed to change from breaking down sociological barriers to instead whoring yourself for attention. And when whoring yourself is the brand you choose to portray to the world, then no matter how much of a good person you are, people see you as a whore. It’s the BRAND they associate with you.

    Sure SOME will take the time to see you beyond the multi-daily Tweets about your blog posts. To chat with you on Skype rather than reading your newest regurgitated social media post that almost verbatimly duplicates someone else’s post from last week. To listen to people update about how hard their life is because they are SO great and EVERYONE wants to be them (if you have to say it, I’m gonna question it.) To accept the blanket questions you ask looking for a response that the asker never responds back to. And they’ll see the heart of gold behind the whoring facade.

    But people are starting to get sick and tired of it. We’ve all spent far too much time TRYING to see past it. But the bullhorns are growing not shrinking, and even if people are great the PB they are spreading has become insincere and their credibility is thin to say the least.

    I don’t agree with blatent calling out online, but I see where the frustration comes from. I personally would rather email a friend and take the time to let them know what I see/feel. But as I said, that is getting old. We’ve had to do it too much lately. Instead, I’ve started letting my subscriptions do the talking. Unfollowing, unfriending, unning myself all over the place. I don’t know that that is the solution either.

    Jeepers, sorry, I think I just hijacked your post! That’s probably a huge faux pas to my entire comment! Shoot… 😛

  2. Carlos Miceli said, on November 22, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    This isn’t about “disagreeing” or about “too much self-promotion.” Don’t know why people went there.

    I never even mentioned concepts like personal branding or over-promotion.

    This is about people having been fake in order to get attention.

    Is that ok with everyone here? I don’t want to be used by fake people, thank you very much.

    My other problem is with this sort of popular attitude lately of smiling and ignoring. To hell with that. I play that game constantly on my every day life. I know it’s the only way to roll, just ignoring most of what you don’t agree with.

    But in my blog? I’m saying all the things that I want. That’s why it’s there for.

    If that hurts someone, tough. But you know what? I don’t call people out because of how ineffective it is, and how proud people are when you criticize them. So, if my post got so much fuss without saying one name, it’s because people know I’m saying something powerful.

    I can’t tell you how many people have told me privately that it had to be said. We are being passive. Let’s walk all this talk about change that we are so proud of. The problem is I’m not sure most people are ready for the heat that comes with it.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Carlos Miceli, James Ryan Moreau. James Ryan Moreau said: My reaction post to @carlosmic 's latest blog post about media attention whores: http://bit.ly/4rqbAU […]

  4. uberVU - social comments said, on November 23, 2009 at 3:44 am

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by JRMoreau: My reaction post to @carlosmic ‘s latest blog post about media attention whores: http://bit.ly/4rqbAU

  5. notsoliteral said, on November 23, 2009 at 4:35 am

    @Carlos and @Elisa, I agree with both of you on your frustration with certain situations and people, however Jamie V. should have never been given a public forum to call Matt out the way she did. If she doesn’t like him, she should tell him personally. Carlos, it IS your blog and you can do what you want to with it, but I’m giving you my honest, knee jerk opinion that if I know that someone’s blog and comment section frequently becomes a bitch session about the un-popular person of the month, I’m not going to visit for valuable discussion because I have to sift through a whole bunch of egos trying to kick whomever is under attack while they’re down.

  6. Elisa said, on November 23, 2009 at 4:53 am

    Hrm, I definitely think I said I didn’t agree with such a blatant calling out online.

    I wonder, however, which is worse. Calling out online or all the talking that occurs behind people’s backs?

    Much like the magic of the unfollow I chose to read only a couple of the comments on the blog and ignore the shitshow that seemed to unfold there. At Jamie’s request I read the rest. I thought the most productive ones were the comments about Anchorman quotes.

    That probably says a lot…

  7. notsoliteral said, on November 23, 2009 at 4:59 am

    @Elisa, I know you said you disagree with the part of the public call out. I meant to lump your comments as saying I agree with your dissatisfaction with the issue at hand.

  8. notsoliteral said, on November 23, 2009 at 5:08 am

    To answer which is worse.. I’m not really sure. Anyone who says they don’t talk behind people’s backs is a liar. I just happen to tell people what I say to their face and behind their back around the same time if I get a chance. 🙂

    The more I write and think about this all, the more I feel like I’m a teenager… not in a good way haha

  9. Carlos Miceli said, on November 23, 2009 at 9:43 am


    The comment section is not mine to control. Why do you tell Elisa or myself about Jamie’s comment? Now, if you are asking me if I agree or disagree with her, that’s a different story. But for what I understand, this was James’ response to my post, not to Jamie’s comment.

  10. notsoliteral said, on November 23, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Carlos, just an FYI, NotSoLiteral = JR Moreau 🙂

    Like I’ve tried to reiterate, I agree with your post partially because I don’t like how twisted branding has become. However, I still hold branding above any other personal undertaking to become a better, more well known and well rounded professional.

    The Jamie comment was an afterthought.

    I’m pro-PB. I’ll leave it at that. I’m backing off the right/wrongness of the comment section because the more I think of it, the less it should concern me and the rest of us.

    Cheers 🙂

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