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A Little Promo Of Something I Have Nothing To Do With

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on October 11, 2009

I’m a big fan of these guy’s work. I’ve donated a little bit of money to see if this project can be made. The shorts come off as goofy and funny (they are!) but there’s a lot of smart social commentary going on that I haven’t seen too much elsewhere.

I’d love to see this film get made. So, check out their webpage http://internetscelebrities.com/ and look up their stuff on Youtube under Internets Celebrities… or just go straight to their channel. I hope you like it!


Thoughts On My Move – Post Mortem

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on October 8, 2009

I arrived in Madison, Wisconsin mid-week last week and promptly signed a sub-lease I had found last minute. The actual apartment was no more than 5 minutes off the highway, but as I looked down the major thoroughfare I couldn’t really see anything resembling a downtown city within eyesight.

Thoroughly weary from the 1100 mile trip that I drove alone, I signed over the next 10 months of my life to this apartment complex after I saw the gorgeous loft I’d be living in.

After a sigh of satisfaction to be at my final destination du jour, I chugged the final redbull left over from the trek and emptied the entire U-Haul solo. About midway through I realize a) I’m in better shape than I thought because I doubt most people would be able to lift some of this shit up over their heads, hoof it up a flight of stairs and into an apartment and b) that there was a very busy freeway right outside my patio window… hmmm…

About 15 minute after I got my last articles into the apartment my new coworker Ryan Paugh showed up amused that I beasted the entire truckload myself and horrified that I had signed the lease to this apartment so far from town. While I am inclined to not be confrontational with people, Ryan convinced me that I should absolutely confront the property management company and see what I can do about getting out of my lease or subletting so that I can move closer to town.

Living 7 miles from a downtown area doesn’t seem like any distance at all coming from Boston. You can go 15 miles in any direction and be relatively close to the action. However in Madison, the lifestyle that I want and that I expected is simply better suited in a downtown location.

Being reinforced by everyone I’ve met so far, I am taking actions to get my apartment subleased. I don’t know how long it will take, but I feel good that I’m at least making strides to better my situation.

In the meantime, I’ll say these things about moving half way across the country:

  • People are nicer out here, the drivers are nothing like Massholes and the pace is slower overall. These things are not rumors.
  • Cost of living is CHEAP! You’re not in a major metropolis, but there is a little bit of everything you’d ever want from a city and it’s simply not as expensive to eat, drink and get housing. I’m a fan of that.
  • As a conscientious objector to my dumb ass decision to move into a place sight unseen, I’ve decided to only unpack what I absolutely need. So there are boxes piled everywhere in the loft and I’m doing just fine with what I brought out to use.
  • The previous point makes me realize I have too much shit and that if I can live with a good 2/3 of my stuff in boxes, I really don’t need that 2/3 of materials in my life. Food for thought…

Anyways, my general update is this- I love my new job, my coworkers have been incredibly generous in showing me the ropes, getting me acclimated and being generally good people and Madison looks like the sort of place I could spend a whole lot of time in for the foreseeable future.


Creativity Got You Here, So Don’t Stop

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on October 4, 2009

I’ve been spending a lot of time with fellow bloggers lately and I’m realizing that there’s a common denominator arising that concerns yet comforts me: people who work their butts off through blogging and social networking to get great jobs tend to blog to a lesser extent once they actually get these good job positions.

I wrote a ton of blog posts for several years over several different blogs. At times, everything I wrote was focused on establishing myself as an authority and other times I just wrote to tease out some stuff that was bothering me inside. I love to blog, but more importantly I love to write.

Now I’m in a job role that is completely immersed in social media and I interact with bloggers on a daily basis. There is a whole spectrum of blogger types that blog about virtually anything you can think of. The barriers that keep many people from blogging is that they think nobody will be interested in what they have to say and therefor don’t feel compelled to put their ideas out on the internet to be judged and criticized.

Then, bam; yr. hooked!

Whether a long road or a short road, bloggers who interact with an active community can easily get addicted to the ways that ideas flow and evolve from a single post. Suddenly writing isn’t a chore, it’s a true pleasure that you look forward to more and more each day. For me, blogging kept me going despite working a day job that wasn’t challenging me in the ways I wanted to be challenged. I had a vision that I’d be working in social media and be getting paid to write to some extent in the not so distant future.

After putting in countless hours of extra freelance work, blogging, pro-bono volunteer work and simply keeping on my hustle up, I landed an amazing job at Brazen Careerist that brought me 1100 miles from home to Madison, Wisconsin. I’m doing what I love, full time now and realize that as I got closer to this goal, knowing I was nearing the finish line, I was blogging less.

Not okay! You’ve got to keep on your writing grind no matter what. Even if you’re not blogging towards a specific topic, or if you’re inhumanly busy during the day, you’ve gotta keep flexing your creative muscles in some way. It is too easy to fall off on being creative because it’s extra energy that you don’t necessarily feel like you have. However, if you put the work in on something you’re passionate about, you’ll get from point A to point B. Once you’re at point B, point C awaits you!

Complacency = soul death.

So, I’ll continue to remind myself that I shan’t forget what brought me forth. I suggest you do the same. Keep creating folks