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A Call-Out… Or More Like Admiration… Whatever!

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on September 27, 2009

I was pondering the video blog while walking carefully through the maze of boxes that is my soon-to-be former Worcester apartment and thought about how I’ll probably need to make one sooner than later due to my new job at Brazen Careerist. This in inevitable and I’m excited to teach myself how to not look goofy while blathering about whatever I have to blather about. I want my voice to sound like I’m an NPR radio associate and my looks to look… well, like me and not like someone less handsome and weird! 😉

So, today I call out Jyo Minakawa! I don’t know Jyo personally and I’ve only briefly interacted with him through Twitter, blog comments and a post I wrote a while ago on my old blog. However, Jyo is the dude I want to get on camera and speak like. There are pleny of other hot shots in the social media biznass such as Loren Feldman and Gary Vaynerchuk who kill it to thrill it with their vlog mugs and eccentric behavior. But Jyo keeps it really real by just sitting down in front of his camera and telling a story that means something to him. Sometimes he doesn’t even seem like he knows what the moral of the story is, but he keeps telling it until it flushes itself out into something coherent and interesting.

I highly recomend that everyone check out Jyo’s blog Average Jyo- Surrounded by Superstars. Some of you may question why this is a “call out?” Well, Jyo hasn’t posed since May, so I’m calling him out for that in hopes he’ll start vlogging again about what the hell he’s been up to in the last 5 months! I’m sure it’s a good story too. Go check out his stuff, leave a comment and let him know we’re waiting for his next post!

As for my own vlogging… my mom insists I Skype with her, which I hate, which also means I need to need her how to Skype, which I hate even more. Cheers to technology!


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  1. Lola Lakely said, on September 29, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Why is it that on video- after we swear we seem charming and witty and good-lucking- we seem as you say it less handsome and weird. Ugh, it’s annoying. I will however check out the vlogs you mentioned just to see if someone can actually be more handsome and more charming.

  2. notsoliteral said, on October 2, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    Lola, I think it’s all about how you hold yourself and you need to practice practice practice like anything else. These guys have it down and then some. Definitely good role models. Let me know if you make a video, I’ll give feedback for sure!

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