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A Call-Out… Or More Like Admiration… Whatever!

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on September 27, 2009

I was pondering the video blog while walking carefully through the maze of boxes that is my soon-to-be former Worcester apartment and thought about how I’ll probably need to make one sooner than later due to my new job at Brazen Careerist. This in inevitable and I’m excited to teach myself how to not look goofy while blathering about whatever I have to blather about. I want my voice to sound like I’m an NPR radio associate and my looks to look… well, like me and not like someone less handsome and weird! 😉

So, today I call out Jyo Minakawa! I don’t know Jyo personally and I’ve only briefly interacted with him through Twitter, blog comments and a post I wrote a while ago on my old blog. However, Jyo is the dude I want to get on camera and speak like. There are pleny of other hot shots in the social media biznass such as Loren Feldman and Gary Vaynerchuk who kill it to thrill it with their vlog mugs and eccentric behavior. But Jyo keeps it really real by just sitting down in front of his camera and telling a story that means something to him. Sometimes he doesn’t even seem like he knows what the moral of the story is, but he keeps telling it until it flushes itself out into something coherent and interesting.

I highly recomend that everyone check out Jyo’s blog Average Jyo- Surrounded by Superstars. Some of you may question why this is a “call out?” Well, Jyo hasn’t posed since May, so I’m calling him out for that in hopes he’ll start vlogging again about what the hell he’s been up to in the last 5 months! I’m sure it’s a good story too. Go check out his stuff, leave a comment and let him know we’re waiting for his next post!

As for my own vlogging… my mom insists I Skype with her, which I hate, which also means I need to need her how to Skype, which I hate even more. Cheers to technology!


Mid-September Goal Checkup

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on September 22, 2009

Remembering that Rebecca Thorman thinks I should be more specific about my goals (she’s right!) I’ve got some updates and add-on goals for myself!

-Fitness craze is going aight. Schedule has gotten busier and meals have gotten less organized, however my weight is steady and even dropping and I’m feeling pretty strong via pushups and pullups. However I’d like to lose at least 5 pounds next month. Hoping to find a reasonably priced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai gym to relieve stress and give me an interesting excersie option when the weather gets cold. This should be interesting based on my following update…

-I know where I’ll be living now… Madison, Wisconsin! As most of you read, I got a great job in a great city and I’m moving! Quite a relief to have a solid long-term gig to be excited for. I need to find an apartment to live in sometime in the next week, so wish me luck on that end! I’ve found some that I really like so we’ll see! Need to get in touch and put some money down.

-Time management is rocking so far. I quit my job and I’m knocking things off of my to-do list left and right. The apartment is getting packed!

-I believe my sleep average has gotten up to 7 hours a night. When I get to Madison I want it to be 8 hours. Wishful thinking? We’ll see!

-Not spending much dough besides on moving expenses. Saving account should look better come Holiday time.

How is everyone else’s month going so far?

The Silence Is Broken, My Bags Are Packed and My Smile is Wide

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on September 16, 2009

So here’s the score: I’m moving to Madison, Wisconsin.

I’m going to be working for a company called Brazen Careerist which is a social network that helps folks from Generation Y find and develop meaningful careers as well as assist their employers in understanding and retaining them.

I’ve been working on a contract basis for Brazen Careerist as a community content editor and will start my full time position in Madison on October 5th.

To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I’ve never worked for a genuine startup before. I never thought I’d be working for some of the folks who inspired me to start honing my social media brand and really tease out and pursue my passions. I’m honored to be working with such a kick ass crew.

I’m cognizant of the challenges that lie ahead for me; relocating to a city over 1,000 miles away where I don’t know anyone too well yet and jumping into a job role that has very high expectations associated with it.

The entire team at Brazen Careerist has been extremely helpful in prepping me for my move, even helping me look for and secure housing! I know that on top of all this, I’m coming into this situation with pressure to perform in a big way. I know what’s expected of me and I’m looking to meet and exceed those expectations soon.

So, when am I leaving? I suspect I’ll be on the road westward between September 28th and 30th. I’ll be chilling in the Brazen Careerist office getting my bearings straight and getting settled in once I get there and officially starting work on October 5.

My last day at my current job at TNS-MI Cymfony is next Wednesday, Sept 23. I’ll be in and out of Boston getting my life together for the move. Looking forward to spending some time with folks who are free before I leave. If I don’t catch you now, I’ll be back to visit again soon.

My door is always open, too. Standard policy with me.

Residual Summer Heat and September’s Goals

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on September 8, 2009

As part of Rebecca Thorman’s Monthly Goal Meetup, I’m going to list some goal I hope to reach in the coming months.

It’s funny how this past summer has been slightly vacant of tangible goals. For the past couple years I’ve been riding myself all sorts of hard in trying to take small steps towards a better life/career. I think I’ve done exceedingly well with the cards I’ve been given, but I know I have a long way to go. I guess I took the past couple months to recuperate from an overall hectic Spring and recalibrate my path forward under current circumstances.

My Goals For September:

– Improve this semi-fitness craze I’ve been on. It’s been peacemeal at best for a little while, where I’m either eating well and working myself ragged, thus neglecting my work, or vice versa.

– Optimize my time management. I’ve had a considerable ammount of work added to my plate and I’m nothing less than thrilled about it. However, I’m still running on adrenaline to get it all done and I’m aware that there’s a better way to get it all done so I can have more time for myself. That’s important for the rest of my goals.

– Get more sleep. This doesn’t need much explanation. Better time management should help.

– Plan out my location in the coming months. Whether I stay local or not, my living situation is up in the air. I’m good at living in limbo, but it’s not my preferred mode of existence.

– Build my savings account and pay down my rotating expenses. More savings and less debt leads to less gray hair, so they say. I believe ’em.