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There’s Time All Around, You’ve Got To Take It

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on June 10, 2009

Alice.com has posed an interesting question in their sweepstakes for a nifty HD hand camcorder/camera; what would you do if you had more time each month?

As late nights roll around and I’m wrapping up whatever side projects I’m working on after my day job, I’ll often times mumble aloud, “not enough hours in the day!”

But, I never quite say what I’d do if I had extra hours, I just complain that I don’t have them. So this post has prompted me to examine at surface level what I’d do if I had more hours afforded to me in a month’s span.

  1. Sleep More! – I wouldn’t go for 10 hours a day, but I’d definitely try to get a rounded out 8 hours of sleep every single day to help my mental clarity and overall well-being
  2. Write More- I don’t write enough fiction or poetry right now. I feel guilty dedicating time to my own projects when I’ve got people who want to pay me to write for them.
  3. Develop My Biz – My side business is bare bones. No excuses. I don’t have the time or money to develop a sweet website or marketing materials and I wish I did.
  4. Spend More Time with Loved Ones – I hate to feel rushed when I’m hanging out with friends and family because of work or life-stuff. I’d love to see more people more often and not talk shop at all during those times.
  5. Travel More – I like to get the hell out of dodge sometimes. Sometimes getting away from the city is the best bit of therapy I could ever ask for; especially when nobody knows where I am!
  6. Healthier Hobbies –  Rather than spend time on Twitter so much, if I had more time I’d like to get my vegetable garden running on all cylinders and take up kickboxing or jiu jitsu again.

So, if anyone can give or sell me some time, I’m interested.

Listing out all these things has inspired me to go out and find some time!


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