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My Problem With Outsourcing

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on May 25, 2009

I strive every day to be successful in my career and personal life and make sacrifices to meet each goal that I set for myself. I’d compromise on a lot of luxuries that I enjoy in order to get shit done, but one thing that does not and never has settled well with me is the idea of outsourcing. The concept of hiring people outside of your community, or even your country and paying them a pitiful allowance to do your minutiae doesn’t make me feel good.

I’ve read several books where the authors rave and rant about how every person needs to break free from the socio-economic molds that inhibit us from growth and get out of our 9-5 day jobs where we get paid too little. It’s almost a battle cry for the humanity inside all of us to be unleashed by not being trapped in cramped, soul sucking cubicles anymore.

But, these types of authors also point to the fact that life can be just too hectic even when you’re self employed selling god-knows-what to anyone with disposable income to say, pay your bills, research your next vacation and design and develop your next business venture. No, by achieving the pinnacle of our own socio-economic nirvana, we must outsource all the bullshit that makes us miserable to men and women in developing countries who will work for pennies on our dollar.

My gripe with outsourcing is two-fold; the idea of not worry about certain skills and tasks because they’re below us or not worth our time is dangerous. We’ll wake up some day without the resources to pay someone to do small tasks for us and doing them ourselves will be painful or impossible. Say what you want about the cost of living in the countries that we out-source to, but I still feel like their profiting from our laziness, if they’re profiting at all.

The most beneficial thing for people who would outsource their needs to foreign countries is to have a dependable network of professionals to trade services with or pay while mutually expecting referrals and continued business from one-another. This way your community of businesses is developing rather than shipping its money outside its circle of influence.


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