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De-Centralize Your Life

Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on May 18, 2009

Do a completely independent set of micro-chasms justify themselves as a sub-culture simply because they exist?

I talked with some freelancers that I’ve met through social media, some who are local and some who are national/international and I’ve gotten lots of great tips and advice regarding the career and techniques involved. I like to think that I come up with some fairly interesting and innovative ideas, not all of which are captured in my blog or professional interactions.

But, I question the value of my de-centralized lifestyle. I do not hang out with a group of tech-savvy, social media “gurus” in Worcester, simply because I have no time to get out and spend all my money at bars and restaurants. Instead, I place myself in certain, beneficial situations where I can cherry pick knowledge and offer my services and personality to anyone who can pick up what I’m trying to put down.

Rather than roll around town with the popular kids, talking and joking about pre-approved subjects and topics, I happen to wind up at the same party as them, have a drink, mingle a little and say whatever the hell is on my mind. I can tell, after some time, that there are certain topics and perspectives that are not pre-approved by the group or clique. That’s fine. I’ve never been one to mindlessly dedicate myself to any one group or identity. I do, however, always stick by my loyalties and I value honesty and innovation above most superficial thoughts and trinkets.

Tuning in, but not being hard-wired into a culture or group is probably the best way to move limberly about, benefiting from the perspectives of an involved outsider.

There are groups and ideas in life that are worth fully involving yourself in at some point in life. Health, family, religion (for some) and true love ground a person and can give them a whole new perspective on how they approach problems. But, simply put, keeping an ear and eye to every single post put out there by a guru in your respective field will not necessarily make you a revolutionary thinker.

I honestly believe that most of the greatest innovations and leaps in thought occur in some type of vacuum away from the teeming and ever cyphering status quo.


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  1. Jennifer said, on May 19, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Yeah, what he said. Especially in that last sentence.

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