JR’s Not-So-Literal Blog


Posted in Uncategorized by notsoliteral on May 15, 2009

I enjoyed writing posts at JR’s Not So Literal Logging so much and got a little worried that my attempt to start a business could be hindered by the look and lackadaisical style of writing in it. Not that anything I said was super bad or controversial, but I definitely shouldn’t have put my personal blog information on my business cards (which I did).

So, moving my blog to WordPress is my attempt to keep my fun, hobby-styled writing going rather than giving up on my old interests all together. My business website has a blog post area, but all business posting and no ranting make James Ryan a dull boy.

Put your money up that I’ll keep blogging about sustainability, social issues and the economy as how I see it. I’m hoping this won’t be your typical blog. Rest assured, if there’s a rule book for how writing and community engagement is conducted, I’ll follow it… not so literally.


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